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With landscape painting practice makes perfect.

On a spare surface you should try for the brush strokes that give you perfect reflections or foliage or grass.

It is all a matter of training your hand to respond to your mind’s wishes, so any time spent painting is advancing your skills – even painting the kids bike helps.

With these Speed Painting techniques we can paint almost every item in a landscape.
Me-and-Bill Cloud-colors how paint mountain (1) shapes of foliage how-to-paint-water vegemite paintingWe vary the techniques for different objects according to how big they are or how far away they are, so practicing the techniques on a spare surface is very useful and gives you time to paint without thinking of making mistakes.
While practicing, watch how the brush performs differently as it runs out of paint, it often gives you a faded tone – some times we use that last bit of paint on the brush to paint in a distant tree foliage which is not as vibrant as the nearer trees.
So the performance of the brush and its paint might often determine what is the next item added to your landscape – if the brush is unloading foliage that is a bit too dull for the fore ground tree then start painting the back ground tree where dull foliage is needed.

When you master the techniques and recognize the useful brush strokes then you will start thinking where to put the paint and not worry about how to put the paint.
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Updated: May 20, 2022 — 10:43 pm