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Learn about warm colors and cool colors

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With my lessons I suggest ‘warm yellow’ to be used.
It seems to look warmer and more friendly.
Warm and cool colors are a bit like the weather
You can compare the warmth like comparing days

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Galstone Gorge loose painting paint a sunset mullumbimby lanes sunset bridge Lazy-Little-River-painting-by-PaintwithLen.com With my lessons I suggest ‘warm yellow’ to be used. It seems to look warmer and more friendly.
Warm and cool yellows
Warm yellow ‘Warm’ is just a reference to the type of color, warm meaning closer to red than cool.
Warm yellow is more like an orange than a lemon.
Indian yellow
A friend said to me “Indian yellow sells more paintings than any other color” I tend to agree.
cool-and-warm-Indian-yellow The brilliant red gold to bright warm yellow we see when Indian yellow is places with white over or under is an eye catcher. I say places with white over or under because if you brush the white and Indian yellow together you lose the brilliance so it is best to lay the paint on with minimum brush strokes. Indian yellow is what is called a transparent color so you might find it performs different than the dense colors.
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Indian yellow is often called other names. In Australia we have ‘Australian red gold’, ‘Australian sienna’ and possibly many other Indian Yellows.
I did once buy a brand of Indian yellow which was dull and much like Naples yellow, so be careful there!
The other colors mentioned in my video tutorials are common however the amount of pigment and tone of color can vary greatly. I find some raw sienna colors are much darker than others. While burnt umber can be strong in pigment or very weak in cheaper brands, the weak paint with less pigment will lose it’s strength of color when double loading the brush causing your darks to be not as dark as needed and leaving your paintings with little contrast.
To avoid this you should always wipe your brush clean, pick up clean burnt umber with no white on that side of the brush and dab or brush it on with one definite stroke as dabbing more than once in the same place will surely dull your darks and often the only way to fix it is to scrape the paint off before trying again or wait till the painting is dry and paint fresh clean color over the top.
All in all it is better to practice your brush strokes so you can apply clean color every time.
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