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Paintings plus some techniques and tips – Page 7 Free Painting Lessons for Beginners

Painting can be a very relaxing hobby

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Learning to paint is a pleasant past time with many rewards.
So do not have a nervous break down over your failed paintings.
(don’t cry over spilt paint)
Look at your finished painting in a mirror and see if it looks ok.
Here are a few tips you might check yourself on.
Have plenty of cleaning rags.
Stand or sit in a comfortable position with fresh air and the painting at eye level.
Make sure your paint is all of the same consistency – that is all your paint, oil or acrylic, should be loose and creamy, not too runny – about like toothpaste.
Thick or lumpy paint will drive you nuts!
Sunset painting waterfall painting artist brushes perspective drawing glue canvas nude
This is what happens with thick paint! – If you have a wet sky and wish to dab foliage over that wet sky, and your foliage paint is too thick, it will not come off the brush, the brush will pick up the thinner sky paint
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– so do thin your paints if they are thick and firm.
Use a good canvas or similar prepared surface. (prepared – under coated so your paint flows off the brush and does not soak in) try a piece of primed canvas or proper art board before you experiment with other surfaces. This way you will know if a surface is good or not by comparing it with the professional product.
On your palette try to keep your white away from the darker colors – just a little bit of white will dull your dark colors.
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