Learn to Paint in Oil or Acrylic for Free

Learn to Paint in Oil or Acrylic for Free

“It is EASY when you know how – I will Show You How” – Len Hend

Here are all my free tutorial painting videos on one website.
The pages contain tutorial painting videos for you to learn to paint in oil or acrylic for free.

Australian artist Len Hend

Take your time – relax and learn to paint beautiful landscapes.
Browse the pages and find a scene to paint.
Click in the bottom right corner of the video for full screen view.
Take your time, pausing the video as you go.
You can paint in oil or acrylic.
The first few pages have simple mono color paintings, then we move on to color.
Pages 7 and further pages have videos and tips about brushes and techniques for painting in oil or acrylic.
A full list of tips on getting started painting are available at PaintWithLen-Tips
Do not worry about trying to get everything right, you will acquire the skills in time by painting in a relaxed manner.
You can paint the same picture more than once. Bookmark this page.

Become a confident painter

Here is a List of Paints and Brushes you might need.

(If you are a real beginner you will learn about paints and brushes as you go, so do not worry about not knowing what you need, brown and white and a few cheap brushes and boards will get you started).