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Paints and Brushes for Painting Landscapes

Colors and brushes for painting landscapesFree Painting Lessons for Beginners

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Paint Manufacturers have different names for many paints –
I will explain the colors for you to know which colors to use.
The simple way to get started is to buy one color and white. – Burnt umber and white.
If you use oils, use titanium white (student quality)
In acrylics just use white, sometimes called blank.
Colors needed to paint in full color. White (and plenty of it) burnt umber. burnt sienna, raw sienna, crimson, bright red, warm yellow (like the color of an orange – not a lemon), phthalo blue and cobalt blue.
That is the basic names for a set of paints.

see the colors

Other colors you can use are viridian (green) or phthalo green, Prussian blue. Ultramarine blue, violet, Indian yellow (Australian sienna or Australian red gold). Beginners should read this ‘tips’ page.

Brushes – I use are a 1 inch house painting brush, 2 inch house painting brush, fan brush, large (about 15mm ferrule) round hog bristle brush, flat (about 15mm) hog bristle brush, small soft hair brushes (for the twigs) and a cranked painting knife. The large round hog bristle brush is not always available so a 3/4 inch house painting brush is just as good.
You also need a palette and cleaning rags.
Canvas – can be bought by the meter, or yard. Canvas boards and pads of canvas are popular.
Paper is not suitable but may be useful for practicing the techniques.
Whatever canvas that you use, make sure it is ‘primed’ before you buy it, this means it has one side already painted with a white undercoat and ready to use.
For more information go to PaintWithLen/Brushes

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